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"Auto-Equip Settler" Container


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I like the idea but this would take a lot of work to get the AI to use the box and take and equip the items.I do agree its a nice idea to add though.


Actually, the AI routines to grab guns, ammo and armor are built in and functional already.


Well, functional to Bethesda "standards", anyways. Here's a link to a test I did to help out a different mod (NPC Limited Ammo). https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/3854980-npc-limited-ammo/page-6&do=findComment&comment=36439695

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Any news about this? I may just eradicate the settlers rather than seeing them living in such deliberate poverty.


Good timing lad. I don't have a job anymore, so I might have time to actually do this...


I'm killing the days playing Witcher 3 atm, but if the itch occurs, I'll see if I can make any headway in this. Have to learn a lot though, so don't expect it quickly =P

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