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Not Your Typical, Run-of-the-Mill Type of Adventure


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Gavinyarel: The Roxey Village, the old Roxey Cemetery -- Midyear, 4E 201


Gavinyarel gritted his teeth slightly. He was beginning to lose his patience with the woman. "Considering you can't exactly prove you're the one who did dispose of this creature, seeing as how you didn't appear to have brought any sort of proof back to the inn, you have even less of a right to the bounty as I do right now. In case you haven't realized it yet, I'm vouching for you. You didn't even have a torch, so there's no way you could've burned this thing. Unless you've got a better explanation as to how this zombie ended up like this, I'm insisting that I get half the bounty." he said plainly to the woman. Not that a fifty-septim reward was the grandest payout he'd ever pursued during his time, but as a man on the road, his purse could be only so big.

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Riona Galsette: The Red Ring Road -- Midyear, 4E 201

The innkeep's patience had also reached his boiling point and asserted his word over the soon-to-continue quarreling between the Breton and highelf. "I've had enough of two tales of the same happeni
ng, I got things to do and an establishment to run. I'd thank you for your services but all you strangers are doing is causing me a headache." He loosened a satchel full of coins and split a small rolled tube of parchment down the middle containing the exact amount of payment for the two travelers. "Here take it and be gone from here." He placed half a roll in the elf's hand and the other on the Breton's. The job was done yes, but the Stakehouse owner wasn't a judicial presence in the village. It wasn't his job to mediate between the two opposing ends.

The innkeeper and his son took the trail back to their business with the taller younger man waving and smiling at the young woman. A chill of disgust and a mean expression was returned to the bartender's son instead of a thankful one.

Riona stared at her open palm with a roll of fifty coins in it. It was a nice weighing feeling but she wished it'd weighed more. A vein began to surface her pretty little face and began to mark its presence on her forehead. "You pointy eared swindler!" She hadn't had the full facts of everything but decided her headache with the still lingering hangover dizziness was more than enough reason to avoid a final fight. She put her money away and started marching up the red ring road with a mean stomp in her pace. She wasn't happy at all but a nice distance away from this place was more of a good reward she could ask for.

Her hands grasped the straps of her pack tightly as she muttered every curse word and phrase known across all of Nirn under her breath. If she'd been a weaker woman, a tearful rage would have surfaced from her back at the inn when the altmer first meddled. She'd been tricked and had for a fool by men before. She did keep her dignity this time around though and that made her feel more at peace with herself.

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Gavinyarel: The Roxey Village, the Old Roxey Cemetery -- Midyear, 4E 201


Gavinyarel pocketed the coins and followed the other two men at a distance back to the inn. He quietly went and recovered his things from his room and then left to get his horse, grateful he didn't have to dodge any flying cookware along the way. His trusty painted stallion Quicksilver stood ready there at the stables.


Gavinyarel untied Quicksilver and strapped his belongings on him. After making sure everything was secure, he hopped into the saddle and galloped away toward Bruma. It wasn't long before he overtook the Breton woman, who he supposed was still redder in the face than a polished apple.

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