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Which Sixth House Mod?


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Hey there,


Im trying to decide which of two sixth house mods would be better for my playstyle. I'm deciding between Endreks 'The Sixth House' and MadGods 'Great House Dagoth'


My playstyle is moderately RP. I use mods like Nessessity's of Morrowind. It is also Lore Friendly I prefer mods that do not stray from TES lore. (I make exceptions if the mod is REALLY good, for instance I use Vampire Embrace and Vampiric Hunger)


So which is better for me?

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Well, for the purpose of identification then The Mad God's "Great House Dagoth" is one for more of the 'what ifs' for the Nerevarine if s/he joined House Dagoth. It'll go into moral ambiguety that Morrowind showed us, that both sides have their flaws and perfects. (seeing that it's more like a Grey and Black moral compass, since the creation of Akulakhan would remind one of Kagrenac and his failed ideal for a greater Dwemeri Empire. (possibility, for what would one do with a Great Machine-God? Conquer the world, of course!)


While s/he even says in the first lines of the mod details; " 1.) I have used the shapeshifting scripts from Scripted Spells with Cortex's permission to produce a physical transformation in the player, allowing the player to advance through the stages of development from Ash Slave to Ascended Sleeper.


2.) I have kept the moral ambiguety present in Morrowind's original main quest. Dagoth Ur is no more evil than the Tribunal is good. The quests and dialogue reflect this."


And by the comments, it seems that this has been put more effort into a story-driven mod that is on par with the main-story line.


While I have looked at the former, it seems mostly like a regular Great-House mod. In that you join, you rise up the ranks, etc but not much other than that.


But do take into mind I have never played either, due to not really liking the thought of joining House Dagoth. Even if it is for the greater good of my character, the Velothi people or etc, just never got used to it :P


I recommend The Mad God's mod.

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