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''That Gun'' remade in Fallout 4


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I really don't understand why noone made a mod inserting ''That Gun'' in Fallout 4, it was considered a easter-egg in Fallout 1, 2 and NV, of Blade Runner. And seriously Fallout 4 and Blade Runner, Synths, Replicants huh? Noone? Haha Not to mention all the references of it, like the Courser Uniform...


So after all, it would be awesome to kill Synths with the gun modelled after Harrison Ford's blade runner gun.


A suggestion would be placing it at the Mass Fussion Containment Shed in the Blade Runner ending easter-egg.


PS: I know the 10mm Pistol kinda resembles ''That Gun'' but just that it resembles, using the model from NV would be way cooler... for the feels

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