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Single subtitle not translated

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I made a translation of a mod. Everything works fine - except a little detail.


There are these - well, I said subtitles, but they are above the screen and I don't know the fitting expression, I am sorry.


a) If you play the game in English, you get the hearable lines in English and the "subtitles" above, too, of course.


b) If you play the game in German (as I do), you normally get the hearable lines in German and the "subtitles" above, too. So far, so good.


c) If you use an English mod in game, you will get (at least) this part of the game in English, even if you play the game in German. For this reason I make my little translations.


Now I made this translation for me (by the way 'Fergus Introduction' by Kajana, who gave me her kind permission for this translation).


- After editing the fergus epi .dlg file I got all the hearable lines in German. (Hurrah!)


- But concerning the "subtitles" above, there is a single one, which is still in English (not like the others, which are now after editing nice for me in German as I want them to be).


(By the way, sometimes in game - even the vanilla version without any mod - something appaers in English, especially some text on the visual screen during the phase to load a save game.)


The problem is, this line of all lines isn't even part of the mod! (I only changed the fergus epi .dlg file of this mod, but this line is not in it at all.)


Then I checked the fergus main .dlg file and found the concerned line (hearable and "subtitle" above). In the file, they have been both already in German in my vanilla version without editing them.


(Astonishingly there are some other lines in the main dlg in English(!), but even these ones work for me in German in game (Cousland Castle)).


So I put the fergus main dlg file into the override, but that didn't change anything. Any ideas for me?

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No idea how to fix the issue, but the display of the lyrics or dialogue above, instead of below, is usually called "surtitles" in English (from the French "sur" = "above"). Since the term "Surtitle" is actually trademarked by the Canadian Opera Company, (who knew?) an alternative is "supratitles". (But nobody says that!)

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Hi Thandal,


thank you very much for your kind hint! Now I looked for it and in addition I found "supertitle", but that seems to mean some translated texts over the stage, too. Thank you for your kind advice for the french root, too! (If I may add something: "supra" and "super" come from Latin.)






Concerning the proper problem: there has to be something to configurate. I guess, Yara made mention of it.

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