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I'd love to see a full-on custom campaign project, personally.
If I had the concentration and such to learn how to code, and do all this stuff, I would have already started.

Whether these get used or not, a custom campaign will be great regardless of what it is.

There are a few custom campaign ideas I have.

Play as Advent

Basically, swapping roles in the campaign. This will be the hardest task of any other custom campaign, I would think.
Avatar Project logo on the map would be Advents commanding base, and exterminating XCOM would mean victory.

(A typical) Zombie Apocalypse campaign.

Because there are totally not enough zombie games out there.

Have there be no guns on their side, no UFO's, no research.
Instead of avatar project, have an infected meter which only increases if you can not complete an important mission. (Like rescuing civilians from a zombie raid)
incredibly slow research for XCOM

Reskin the avenger to a vehicle, and prevent flying cutscenes when base comes under assault. (Instantly defensive state, survive the oncoming waves)

(Maybe I'm asking for the impossible) Co-op campaign

This one speaks for itself.
Instead of 2 XCOM bases, or sharing the same base and troops,
One player is XCOM, the other is the resistance.

The resistance control only the areas inside the avengers contact area, searching and spending time looking for areas of interest for the XCOM player.
Actually attacking ADVENT convoys to take them out, appearing on the map after a successful raid, allowing for XCOM to take over afterwards.

You get the general idea.

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What I'd like to see is an after-the-end fan campaign. You do the ending mission, then get to keep playing in this world where the power structures have just been axed. I personally would love to see that mixed with the Playable Advent stuff, because hey - unless you want to just murder everybody, aliens living on earth will just be a fact of life. Would be interesting to see the Avenger suddenly playing peacekeeper/kingmaker and try to rebuild the world.



The technical trouble I forsee is that it's basically a complete change of game state. Replace all the current mission types, remove all the anti-advent dialog... Can you even do that with the mod tools we have?

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