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Fallout4 UV wireframe maps?


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Hi guys, with Fallout 4 mods coming to consoles soon I wanted to try my hand at some Tattoo mods

I've done several mods for the Sims 4 in the past and i see Fallout's texture system isn't that much different just higher res, so I'd like to start making tattoos

tho one of the resources i use when creating Tattoos for the Sims 4 was a UV wireframe overlay, helps me greatly line things up properly (i hate seams)


so can any1 please direct me to a resource that has a UV wireframe map for the body and face?

or tell me what i might would need to do to create a wireframe UV map myself?

Thanks for the help

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All the nif assets in game is having uv map layouts. This is i think what you are referring to.


They are data stored in the uv set inside the nitrishapedata on a nif. so you want to do is having nifskope, open the nif u want and right click on the nitrishape node and select texture -> export uv template. It lets you select filename and some other settings. exports a tga image file.


I never do that cause im always importing em into blender and u can export uvs from there also. so try that if this doesnt worrk good for u.


Also I havent messed with fallout4 so maybe the nodename is nitristrips instead of nitrishape, cause its that way for fallout 3.

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