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Heavy Weapons random idea


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Hi there community,

recently when playing the DC version of the game, an idea hit me. And at that very moment it was so obvious that I am really surprised it never occured to the creators of the game. But first things first.


As of now, the kings and queens of the battlefield are assult rifles and sniper rifles, followed rather close behind by Knaves, also known as Handguns with their high Precision Strike capabilities. But as realism goes, the Aces should still be the Heavy Weapons, as I am quite sure that 5 bullets from a LMG hurts more than from an Assult Rifle. But that's not how the game sees it. So here comes my idea...


Tinkering with the stats of the weapons is one way to go around it, but I was thinking of something else. How about allowing Heavy Weapons to hold some Weapon Mods and one specificaly made for them as well? As of now, they are unable to fit any modifications, but I don't understand why a Heavy cannot mount a High Capacity Mag for example. Or... *tension is building* ...a bipod? With the current cover mechanics, I don't see a reason, why Heavy Weapons couldn't be set on a crate for example, blocking the firing range to a cone in front of the ranger, but giving significant boost to accuracy and some to range.


I am not an experienced modder, but I do have some knowladge of programming and am looking through the files to see if it's even possible. From what I noted myself down, it would have to first check if the cover is low or high, aka if you can shoot over it, or have to move to the side to shoot. It also requires Heavy Weapons to be added to the Weapon Modifications as well as noting in the possible modifications they can be attached to Heavy Weapons. It's not an easy task for me, but perhaps I can get it somewhere.


If any more advanced modder could give any insight, I would be more than grateful. Hopefully it can get somewhere, as I feel the Heavy Weapons are underused in the current state of the game.


Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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