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Creation Kit - Change Likes and Dislikes, Cannibalism


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So I'm doing a playthrough where I'm using Cait as a companion, but I'm also using the Cannibal perk. So I wanted to simply make it so that Cait didn't care whether or not I ate a corpse, without changing anything else. But I cannot figure out for the life of me how to do that without completely changing her dislikes to another companions, or removing them altogether. So does anyone know how I can actually do this? I've tried looking at her character itself, and altering the Cait dislike event keyword, but they don't allow you to change the individual dislikes, at least not that I can see.

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CA_Event_EatCorpse [KYWD:001D2877]
within the list
dunno what to do after that exactly, but there's a start on what to look for and deal with
Form ID - 0079249
EditorID - Companion Cait
Name - Cait

if you're going down the list and see "heal dogmeat" or "pick lock" you've gone too far down by 1-2 "structure" respectively, it's a looooooong list
okay so, basically "Struct #10" apparently is what you're looking for
I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH THAT INFO, so I'll leave that to you

for reference on what I'm using to look at this stuff, I'm using FO4Edit for a ton of stuff, it's probably way better than the CK for simple stuff tbh

CA_CustomEvent_CaitDislikes/Hates,/Likes/Loves should also be around
Editor ID selected as organization method, with the arrow pointing upwards - scroll up from CA_Event_EatCorpse to find them, or if the arrow is pointing downwards, scroll down
there's the various files for others as well, and that's how you can manage and edit a variety of likes/dislikes of various characters for various actions
there's some interesting ones
like cait likes it when you walk around naked and refuse to help settlements, and likes you taking loads of drugs, but dislikes you getting addicted or something - or maybe that's just two different entries dependent on a questline or something - like going straight she dislikes chems being used, or rocking on she likes them being used

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