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Extracting the Map Marker Icons for BaW?

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I am presently helping out over at the official Witcher wiki witcher.gamepedia.com tracking the new quests etc. for the recent DLC Blood and Wine.


Trying to export the in-game map markers

As it turns out the map marker icons have been expanded for several new types of locations:

  • vineyard infestation
  • vintner's contract
  • vintner

to only name those I have found so far. But how do you get the original in-game icons for them? Preferably as svg (if possible) or png.


What I have tried so far

I downloaded and installed the latest Modkit update (v1.1) and that let me uncook the <gamedir>\content and <gamedir>\DLC folders without any problems via:


wcc_lite uncook -indir="D:\Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\content" -outdir=D:\Uncooked -imgfmt=png


wcc_lite uncook -indir="D:\Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\DLC" -outdir=D:\Uncooked_DLC -imgfmt=png


But as it turns out quite a few of the unpacked xbm files, especially those under engine\ just cannot be exported to png or tga. I.e. the huge "uncooking" fails to do so, and manual exporting on a per file basis fails as well.



So, if anyone knows how to export the new map marker icons, the help would be appreciated.


Thanks, AEon

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