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It's a common idea among starting modelers that a finished model has to be one seamless mesh. this is not the case in any respect, and making an attempt to model things that manner can solely build your life harder.


I bear in mind observation a 3DMotive coaching series for a while back and also the pedagogue offered a decent thanks to deem the question of whether or not a component of your model ought to be seamless, or separate geometry; deem the manner the model you are building would be made within the world, and model it as near that as attainable.

Designers continually say that kind follows perform, which statement holds some weight here—if you run into a scenario wherever you think that it's going to be easier to model one thing in 2 items, do it.


Now having aforementioned that, there area unit 2 exceptions to this—3d printing, and game art.


3D printing comes with a full new set of rules, that we cannot get into here, however if you are interested we've written a brief tutorial series on the matter. With game art, it's usually preferred for the ultimate quality to be a seamless mesh, but the ultimate game model is sometimes a retopologized version of a high resolution mesh. If none of that produces sense, do not fret—the next-gen game art advancement is extremely technical and manner on the far side the scope of this text, but the same 3DMotive tutorial (The chest series) covers it all right.


For now, just know, it's utterly fine to use multiple objects to finish a final high-resolution model.


The Cheesy Animation.

3D Rendering Studio.

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