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As we all know, at the end of the game there isn't much to do. Unless you're an avid poker player that loves sitting through an hour of.... Nothing, really, let's be honest.


With that, I want to propose some features and new ideas.


1. A realtor service where you can buy up to 4 houses (a villa, a mansion, an apartment, and a standard house), one per each main chunk of land. (Pawnee, Central, etc, etc).


2. In addition to these houses, you can purchase a plethora of upgrades from the realtor service in those respective regions. Upgrades may include: 2nd story, 3rd story, basement, vault (for placing money), hidden armory requiring hack to access, a 3-car garage (space upgradable), pool perhaps, den, arcade room, etc. The list is endless. Hell, make an underground tunnel for fast escapes.


3. In regards to the armory: I was thinking along the lines of Payday 2. Weapons on the walls and tables, etc. In which this shall change the loadout to be more realistic, (instead of pulling weapons out of your infinity-coat). You can only have a weapon per direction. Makes the game slightly more challenging, spacing more realistic, etc. But more weapons required.


4. In regards to vault: Need to hack it to access, of course. We all have been in that position where you've millions and nothing to spend it on. A vault that changes with each transaction would be a nice detail. We can watch our wealth grow or shrink, literally. That and you can choose how much you want to keep on your person. Realism sake, max being... I don't know, 100k. (Changes when inside house, where you can purchase 100k+ items).


5. Quests add-ons. For these. All of these. (Not the upgrades individually, but perhaps in tiers?). You want an armory? Go to some police station or military base. Or gang hideout.

Want a vault? Only obtained through robbing a bank.


6. After all that, create a circulating method of dealing with gangs, currency, etc. If you want to become a gang lord (bad noteriety), allow a way to hire thugs, arm them personally, tell them where to guard, etc. Of course this means you'll have to pay them... or you know, steal drugs. Either way. Whatever. Or, (good noteriety), do the same for police security. (Whichever path you choose is permanent and the opposition will attack randomly every other few days).


What I'm proposing is by no means any easy task as there's a s#*! ton of content. But essentially what is in mind is smashing together Watchdogs with... Payday 2, and some other game.


7. Just thought of this. Legitimate car customization.


8. Oh, and gun customization. And a way to use the attachments for the guns... Yes please... Scope on shotgun? Sure. (Obviously since it's over the shoulder you won't see it, but your character will act the part anyway).


Watchdogs is meant to be a real-world game, and failed to deliver... We can potentially change that. Pre-assuming Watchdogs 2 is a flop as well.


9. Ability to buy random, pointless s#*!. (Most of which from the pawn shop, and select location after purchase). Want a helicopter for looks? Go for it. A submarine? Sure. Priceless art and artifacts for your mansion? Done. Guitar? Piano? Huge-ass TV? Computer? Fine.


10. Realism Overhaul: Need food to survive. Need sleep.


11. Outfit overhaul. The ability to change whatever Aiden is wearing to any other form of clothing. Ecause it's all different variations of the same s#*!... It gets so, so boring.


12. Ability to toy with people. Send them a phoney message to go in a wild goose chase, or manipulate them to go on a rampage.


13. Why isn't there a zoo? Or a grocery store you can walk in. (For realism overhaul). Or other locations that are life-like that people flock to?


.... I'm asking for way more than initially thought. 7-13 just popped in my head while writing this. Anyway I hope someone does this... More end game content that repeats itself and gives more choices and control.

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