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How do I rewrite the NukaCola Vending Machine code?


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I am not up to this point yet with my mod, but since it's going to be tricky to do, I figured I should find out the answer as soon as possible so I can implement it when my mod is ready for the introduction of that object.

I am going to convert the Nuka Cola vending machine like this:
Since the FO4 version has a hinged door and the bottles are sitting on a shelf inside that door, I need to rewrite that code so the new version is just a container and it restocks it's inventory at regular intervals, like the FNV version.
How do I rewrite the code so that the vending machine is just a restocking container?
The last time I tried this, it messed up badly, the code worked, but the inventory items were mismatched, it kept creating different sets of items instead of one kind of item.
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