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Fallout 4 custom 3d object which will cast shadows from omni light


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Hello everyone. I've got problem with wall shadows in Red Rocket building. But from the beginning. I used Red Rocket - Lights Out mod. Then I used Repaired Red Rocket mod and I had a beautiful dark building. Then I used Vault-Tec Workshop Overhaul for ceiling lamps with shadows. And every object in room casting shadows and that looks great. But then I noticed that the walls don't cast a shadows and in dark room I had light from another room with lamp. So I made 3d custom object in 3ds max and hide it inside the walls of Red Rocked (walls in walls) export to nif, I configured in nifskope properly and I added to the game and BOOM :-) it's worked. My 3d object casting shadows from ceiling lamp so walls casting shadows. BUT only from lamp with light with Shadow Spotlight flag. When I turn on the lamp with light with Shadow OmniDirectional flag every object in the room casting shadows but not my object in the walls. Please tell me why this is happening and how to repair this... :-(
Thank You for answer.
Sorry for my english


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