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New Vegas Nuka Cola machine


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âI am working on a mod that involves converting the Nuka Cola machines to the New Vegas version.

But as I am not good at making NIFs Fallout 4 compatible, I need some help from a more experienced modeller.
Especially as the NIF I created has no precendent due to the unique requirements of my project.
Here is the current version of my Vending Machine:
This is the workshop version of the Vending Machine.
When connected to a Settlement's power grid (connector in second picture), I want the logo&monitor to light up/change graphics and for any beverage placed into the container to become cold when it is powered.
I haven't managed to get the logo&monitor shape to fit the shape of the main model, so that needs fixing as well.
There are 3 separate models, the main machine, the logo&monitor and the power connector on the back.
If anyone can get this NIF to work with Fallout 4, it would be greatly appreciated.
If you think you can fix it, please send me a private message and I will give you the link to the zip archive.
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