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Cant talk to NPC's and NPC's look at me and moonwalk away :/...


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For some reason when I go to talk to an NPC, it wont let me talk to them. Some NPC's stare at me and walk backwards. This is honestly getting really annoying. I tried uninstalling all the mods that I think would conflict with that, but I am getting no good results. This also sucks because most of the NPCs this happens to are quest characters and I cant do anything to them. And if you dont understand the problem, when I look at them, not even the little prompt or icon pops up for me to interact with the NPC. If anyone knows how to fix this, please help, because this is really ruining my gameplay. Thanks.








P.S: if anyone knows how I can show you all my mods without having to type them all, let me know :3.

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