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Morrowind Modding Madness - A Team-Based Modding Competition!


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December Morrowind Modding Madness

A Team Based Modding Competition Starting December 1st ~ 31st

Register Your Teams in the Comments Below!

Check out the Announcement Video!


Need help finding a team? Check out the Morrowind Modding Discord Server! LFM - Looking For Modders!


The Third Challenge has been revealed! Build and release a Quest mod by December 24th (6pm Central Time) on the Nexus or GHF!


The Teams So Far:


Team Green Cow: - Looking For More Modders!

  1. EnclaveKiller (Quest Modder - Author of The Mysterious Hunter)
  2. AutoClock (Resource Modder - Author of Telvanni Airship Resource)
  3. Svengineer99 (Script/Gameplay Modder - Author of Sky Diversity and Sunrise and Sunset Season and Latitude Scaling)

Team CutieKagouti

  1. Digmen aka Stryper (Resource Modder - Author of Luminescent Flora)
  2. R-Zero aka Reizeron (Resource and Immersion Modder - Author of Cave Drips and R-Zero's Creatorium)
  3. Povuholo - (Quest Modder - Author of Kragenir's Death Quest for Oblivion)

Team Flying Guars

  1. TheDrunkenMudcrab (Quest/Companion/House Modder - Author of Tel Dranori Wizard Tower and East Empire Company Expansion)
  2. MementoMoritius (Items/Music Modder - Author of Rings of Dwemers)

Team Wretched Netch

  1. Greatness7 (Script/Gameplay Modder - Author of MWSE Containers)
  2. MattTheBagel (Companion/House/Quest Modder - Author of Apothecary's Demise and Bagel's Luxurious Manor)
  3. VvardenfellTribez (Town Modder - Author of Qestos)

Mod Releases:

House Mod Challenge: December 1st - December 9th


Team Flying Guars - Nil-Ruhn


Team Cutie♥Kagouti - Mr. Mudhut's Shurreal Eshtate


Team Green Cow - Rattle-Teeth Manor


Team Wretched Netch - MMM - Faction Living Quarters


Items Mod Challenge: December 9th - December 17th


Team Flying Guars - Malham Companion Weapon


Team Cutie♥Kagouti - An Issue of Thrust


Team Green Cow - Suvanto's Wondrous Shop of Curious Creations


Team Wretched Netch - The Wabbajack




Four weeks, four categories, four mods, only one team of modders will rise up to claim the throne as the ultimate modding champions of 2016! This is Morrowind Modding Madness, a month long modding competition starting December 1st and going through the end of the year where modders form teams, compete and vanquish challenges, and rise through the ranks to become the ultimate modding champions as we put a close on the year of 2016 with all the sweet prizes that entails!


This is modder on modder, mod on mod, gladiatorial creativity as you've never seen it before!


And with that exciting intro, allow me to introduce the December Morrowind Modding Madness competition, a new team-based modding competition in the vein of our past Morrowind Modathons but with a twist where modders have to form teams and face weekly modding challenges by coming up with, designing, and releasing an entire mod in only a week's time to make it to the top by the end of the month.


I've included a breakdown of how this competition works, how you can register and signup for the competition, as well as potential prizes down below.


Don't know how to make mods? Check out our Let's Mod Morrowind tutorial videos! You can still signup by December 1st!


How It Works:


1. Form and Register Your Modding Teams

This a team-based modding competition, that means you need to form a modding team and register it in order to enter the competition, and trust me, with the way this competition is setup, you're going to want to have at least one teammate to work with.


Now modding teams can be composed of a minimum of two modders and a maximum of four modders, and ideally, you'll want to gather a team of modders from different fields of expertise in order to meet challenges. A quest modder can always come in handy, but what if one of the challenges is an items mod? Then you'll need someone who can make 3d models or new assets. Likewise, what if one of the themes is a gameplay mod? Someone who has a strong grasp on scripting and gameplay mechanics could really be useful. Whoever you pick to be on your team, you'll need to work together, collaborate, plan out your mods, and successfully release them on time in order to win and claim the top prize.


In order to register your modding team for the competition, you need to first make sure you've got a list of your fellow modders who you want to team up with and who have agreed to work with you, then you need to come up with a team name (nothing offensive, I will rename your team if you submit something inappropriate!) and submit that team name along with your list of modders in a post either here or on one of our forum threads at Morrowind Reddit, Great House Fliggerty, or the official Morrowind Forums by NO LATER than December 1st. New teams CANNOT apply for the competition after December 1st, that's when the competition starts and we need to have a firm list of participating teams by then!


You can also opt to submit a screenshot of your team-members in-game if you so desire, and we'll use that as promotional material as the competition heats up.


Once you've got your modding team assembled, be ready to start on December 1st with the first wave of modding challenges!


2. Meet the Challenges and Rise Through the Ranks

In order to make it to the top and be declared the winners, each team must survive a number of modding challenges. Each week of the modding competition will involve a new modding challenge and theme, and each team will have until the end of the week to release a mod of that theme. Generally speaking, these are mod category themes, so one week might be gameplay mods, another dungeon mods or quest mods or house mods or so on and so forth. The theme will only be revealed the day before the challenge starts, so each modding team only has a week to prepare, build and release a mod of their own making. With such a short window of mod development, teams will need to strategize, either join together and collaborate on one mod to get it done faster, or divide off and build individual mods to try and guess the upcoming themes ahead of time and get more mods finished.


In total there's eight different categories that could potentially be used in the competition. These categories are randomly selected right before each week of the competition, and since there's only four weeks to this event (going from December 1st through to the 31st), that means only four of these categories will be used, and not even I will know which ones that will be ahead of time. The potential categories are as follows: Gameplay, Items, Quests, Dungeons, Houses, NPCs, Replacers, and Immersion mods. Obviously there's some room for interpretation with these categories, you just need to make sure your mods at least partially meet the category definitions for each week.


Now in order for your mods to count towards the competition, when you release a mod for one of the challenges, remember to include a line at the top that says 'Part of the December Morrowind Modding Madness Competition' and a line right below that with your team name like "Team Cliffracer" or something like that. Your mod will automatically be entered into the competition and be sent to our judging panel for scoring. And you can upload your mods to both Morrowind Nexus or Great House Fliggerty, both sites will work fine for mod releases.


At the end of each week, all mods submitted by each team will be featured in one big weekly wrap-up video on the channel, so all mods will receive equal attention before the popular-voting starts to decide the best mods of that week to ensure equal-opportunity promotion, regardless of where you post your mods for the competition.


Keep in mind, you MUST release your mods by the end of each week to be counted towards the competition, we will not accept late entries! There are definite deadlines here!


3. Earn Points from both the Judges and the Public

This competition will be using a ranked scoring system with dual-weighted scores, including judge-based scores with three judges (60% of the weighted points) and popular vote scores (40% of the weighted points). At the end of each week, the judges and popular vote will score each mod over the course of the following week, and the results will be posted publically, so teams will know how they're ranking so far in the competition. The popular vote will be handled through the Nexus Forums in order to avoid any vote-rigging or undue outside influence, and the team with the highest ranked score by the end of the competition will be declared the winners. Each mod contributes a bit to the team's ranked score, so if a team has one fantastic mod, but didn't meet any of the other challenges, they could still lose the competition as a whole, hence collaboration and working together will be key to winning victory.


And to go a bit into some detail here, the total score that each mod can receive for the competition is 10 points. Six of those points comes from the judges and four from the popular vote. Hypothetically, if you release one amazing mod that everyone loves, your maximum score is 10 points, but another team could release two semi-good mods that each get six points each and they'd technically be ahead of you in score, so the goal isn't just to release one great mod, it's to make sure you manage your time well, meet the themes, and release a lot of good mods over in order to stay competitive with the other teams.


Here's the criteria that each judge will be looking at for each mod (note: the total points here is 10, but since the judge score is only 60% of weighted points, the actual max score is 6):


2 Points for Mod Functionality (Mod does what it's supposed to)

1 Points for Mod Cleaning (Gotta clean out those GMSTs)

2 Points for Mod Innovation (Is the mod original and creative?)

5 Points for Judge Preference (Did the judge enjoy/like the mod?)


Now all mods that rank in the popular vote will also receive points relative to their positions in the polls. So if Mod A hypothetically gets 10 votes and Mod B gets 5 votes, Mod A will get a full popular vote score of 4 and Mod B will get a popular vote score of 2. Because there's only four available points from the popular vote for each challenge, the lowest score that a mod can get (with getting at least one vote) is one point. However, if a mod gets zero votes, they get zero points, though this seems like an unlikely outcome. Either way, this keeps things fairly competitive.


4. Prizes

Now let's talk about prizes, because I know you guys love prizes. Besides the fame and glory of coming out ahead of your fellow modding teams in gladiatorial creativity, each team that gets the highest mod score each week will get a set of Steam and Indie game prizes that they can choose from, and the grand prize winners will get a ton of Steam and Indie games as well, and not only that, they'll be declared the Ultimate Modding Champions of 2016 with all the bragging rights that entails!


To be sure, 2016 has been a great year as far as Morrowind modding is concerned, with over 500 new Morrowind mods released this year alone, so what better way to celebrate the end of another amazing year for Resdayn than by making more and more Morrowind mods so we cap things off with a bang and begin the New Year with a lot of momentum?

Best of luck to all of the contestants, I hope this competition can be a fun and exciting event for all of you, and may the best modding team win to ring in the New Year! Happy Modding and May The Best Games Never Die!

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Very much looking forward to this! Seems I'll have to go find some teammates now..

Judging from how successful the last contest was, this december is going to be a great month for Morrowind.

Thanks again @DarkElfGuy for all you do for our community. :thumbsup:

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The Madness Begins! Morrowind Modding Madness has now officially started! Over the next four weeks, four teams of modders will be challenged to build four mods in four different categories! Only the most creative will survive in this gladiatorial modding arena! Join us as we offer these brave tributes to Lord Sheogorath and partake in the madness! For our first week, our randomly selected modding category is House Mods! Each team has until December 9th to build and release a house mod to please Lord Sheogorath! Best of luck to the teams, and may the best modders win!

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