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"Snowy Eyelashes" Problem


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Been working on some custom eye replacers for a few weeks now and almost ready for release except for a problem I can't fix. The eyelashes still have a glaring white glow on them that's more obvious in the shadows and on darker skinned characters. I've tried using nifscope and the Creation Kit to correct it but it's just not happening. I'm so close to release it's frustrating that I can't get this one little thing fixed. There was a discussion of somethiing similar on Loverslab when I look it up via search engine but I don't have a membership (neither do I want one but I can't see any pictures of what their problem was so I have no idea if it's the exact same one or another eye problem) and I'm in my parents house while I'm recovering from a leg injury so I don't want them about if I try to look. So what do you say? Can you help a Nexus Forums noob but texture modding veteran of 17 years out?

Thanks in advance.


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