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Cannibal Mod


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Hello to All post visitors,


I would like to request Modders to come up with a mod where the player gets cooked by cannibals.


In my view the mod should include stage steps like getting cooked on a pot, spit-roast and potentially on

different scenarios and quests. To have multiple NPC's cooking, serving and eating the player seems like

a good idea. Also I deem it very important for the player to have first person POV as the player may want

to experience the events up-close and realistic.



For those of you who know Lover's Lab website , I'll leave here a reference of two of my favorite mods on the Canni genre.


1 - Ravenous 1.4 by Delzaron - Cannibal mod where player gets spit roasted and partakes in other events.


2 - [W.I.P] oli3d Furniture Bondage - Mod has a large Cannibal Pot in which the player can go in to.




Thank-You for your Consideration.

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