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Vivienne- Ball Fashion Fail?


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Just putting out there... I see the mods to change your inquisitor and party formal wear invisible or changed the look. I have always found it odd that Vivienne would be wearing that nutcracker disaster considering her character story. Anyone know of where there is a mod to just make HER formal wear invisible so she shows up as her glamorous self or in a recolored version of her outfit?

I can almost picture it now: Everyone walking in and like "Here is what everyone is wearing tonight..." Viv look around, then promptly leaves. Shows up at the ball in her outfit like YEAH NO.

I guess same could apply to Josephine but I figure she would be down with hit to her wardrobe for the right cause.

Vivienne? Not so much.

I am using Tirnoney's Odds and Ends TMM Formal Wedding Dress Arm Restored for the Inquisitor to have an awesome dress. My request/wish would be something to give Vivienne (at least, not opposed to Josephine and Leliana having an awesome dress too, just not wearing the same as what my inquisitor is wearing- girl code! She can't wear the same outfit as me).

Any thoughts?

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