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X-COM Strategic War


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A long time ago I went into the mod discussion forum and asked how to do the following. Some good advice was given but I never got around to getting it done. It also doesn't seem anyone else has gone on to take up the mantle to give X-COM's wild percentage chance system a bit of a touch up. And so I post my request here for someone to hopefully create a mod that would allow me to come back and enjoy this game much more as a tactical simulator rather than an excercise in gambling.


I'm probably in the small minority of people who aren't looking for more randomness in the game but less. I look at a strategy game more like chess so would really like to find a way to diminish the effects of the random number generation on the way the game plays. Not get rid of it entirely, but if a soldier misses a 95% chance to hit, I want that to be something you really remember about that soldier not "Well, that's just X-Com", on the flip side a soldier making a 2% chance shot crit kill would be remembered as a legend in his time.

I think you could do that by having the game generate 11 random numbers from 1-10, add them all together and subtract 10. (11d10-10) so to speak. That would generate a number from 1-100 but it would give a far greater probability of coming up with a number closer to the average than a number closer to the extremes. Granted were not talking about a percentage chance anymore but if we can generate the numbers that way it will make the game feel much more strategic and much less random, while still having a chance at being random but it a much more memorable way.
Would really love to see something like this, hoping to play this game from a much more strategic viewpoint. Is this something we can make happen?


A lot of good information although possibly quite dated with Enemy Within coming out was posted over in this thread https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/808367-modding-the-random-number-generation/

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