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Is Fallout: New Vegas worth re-purchasing?


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The key to modding FNV is to remember to "Tick* that is all plugins must be ticked both in NMM or FOMM AND Datafiles(loadscreen) i´d recommend using FOMM as ,sometimes,NMM does weird stuff with your mods.. also ALWAYS run LOOT ... if NVSE isn´t working try redownloading and painstakingly follow instructions included in readme.. 4GBFNV is faulty but you can get it to work if you run it as Admin.. check your Gamefolder.. if it says "Read-Only" there´s your problem.. oh,and remember to "Archive invalidate" .. it´s a bit more tricky and FNV is a notorious Crasher.. remember to save frequently(as in every 5 min).. other than that i recommend FNV.. it has all the options you lack in FO4 and to top it great landscape and interesting Characters and Factions.. FO4 is a feeble attempt at a FPS and to booth NOT an RPG.. Go FNV or FO3.. even FO1 or FO2 beats the Bastard FO4 by miles..

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