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Flags: Command & Conquer - Nod and GDI.


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Hello, forum!


Big fan of C&C, and I sometimes imagine X-COM as a subdivision of the UNGDI (United Nations Global Defense Initiative), and a militarist cult like Nod could also fit in well in a post-invasion world, using alien technology and Elerium instead of Tiberium for their "technology of peace". :wink: I've seen a Nod flag in one flag pack and one that comes on its own, but both of these use the "wrong" flags - they have a sort of 3d effect to them. I'm looking for more traditionally flag-looking decals. Provided you with some examples.


Hope to see these in-game soon-ish! :smile: Thanks in advance and remember, kids - one vision, one purpose! Kane lives in death!



Nod Classic



GDI, Tiberium Wars



Nod State Flag, Tiberium Wars



United Nations GDI


Bonus: There are also a few units with lines that might make good voicepacks, GDI and Nod Commandos can already be found on the Nexus or Steam. ^^


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