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Howdy Dragon Age Fans!


I am new at creating mods. This one would actually be my very first. And at that point, I'm ready to undergo the long process of learning how to do it. The only thing I am wondering is whether or not it is possible to do it. I had a mod for Fallout 4 that edited the dialogue wheel options: the mod was replacing the default summarized answers your character could give with the real dialogue, so you would know exactly what your character would say. No more confusion or immersion breaking mistakes. I am willing to listen to every dialogue and transcript them, but I want to know if it is possible at all to modify the dialogue wheel or if it is impossible?


Thank you so much for your time, it is much appreciated!

Best regards,


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Hello! I don't know anything about modding Dragon Age, unfortunately, but I just wanted to mention that I've been wanting this mod for Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Inquisition for a very long time (as well as for the Mass Effect series). It doesn't look good that no one else has replied to your post (I just stumbled across it now, while searching for such a mod), but I can't imagine that this means that so few people are interested. It may simply indicate that no one presently knows much about making this kind of mod.


Do you still have plans to make this mod, or have you given up? I would very much like this mod to be a thing, as I've wasted literally dozens of hours with frustrating repeats of in-game conversations. As my short-term memory is poor, I struggle with trying to remember which responses are which during the longer conversations, resulting in many reloads to try to get the desired result for the entirety of the conversation.


I mean, with a short conversation with two opportunities for response (three potential replies, then another three potential replies), I only have to remember two phrases, and "only" need to reload the game six times. But when there are four opportunities for response, that number goes up not only to 12, but potentially more, as I usually forget which response is the one I'm trying to say, at least one of the four times, and then even more reloading is required. However many times I forget, that number is added to the usual 12 reloads, so sometimes I have to reload 20 or more times before I get my character to say all of the things I was trying to say. The only way to reduce this number of "additional" reloads down to the "usual" 12 would be to write down which choices I've picked!


Needless to say, I really hope this mod happens. I think it's safe to say that it's poor game design when a player has to reload a dozen times or more (and also write down which responses are the one he wants to give, lest even more reloads be needed), just to get the player's character to say the thing the player is trying to say. Making my character say what I want shouldn't be this incredibly difficult! The developers have said that they designed it this way because they want the player to be surprised (in a good way) by the response they choose, which indicates that it hasn't occurred to them that some players actually want to know what their character's response will be, before choosing it.

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As far as I know, no one has released any mod that changes what displays on the dialogue wheel. My guess is that either this is not possible with the current toolset, or no one has managed to figure it out yet.


You may have to get DAI ModManager or Frosty ModManager, open up the file structure, go digging to find these files, and then experiment with them until you figure out how to edit them. It may not be possible at all - DAI modding is very limited.


I know it is possible to silence individual lines of dialogue - see here and here - but I am guessing silencing ALL dialogue would be a massive undertaking. (@Zurex69.) Maybe try taking these mods apart and seeing what files have been edited, as a starting point?

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It is possible to some extent in Frosty, but it has to be done on a per-line basis, so it would be a tedious, laborious process for the entire game. In addition, Frosty has issues with the limits to displaying trees such that it becomes impossible to see and edit all paths in a dialogue because the tree can't expand that far.


If the tree display issue can be resolved, ideally the first scenes to get attention would be those where reloading to see different options is either inconvenient or impossible. For example, there is no reloading for the intro dialogue when you are a still a prisoner because there is no save previous to that point. Similarly, extended cutscenes with no save point, like the In Your Heart Shall Burn extended dialogue in the post- Corypheus attack survivors' camp, are extremely tedious to view all options as you have to watch all of the cutscenes multiple times, including the unskippable The Dawn Will Come sing along. I know because I did it in my recent play and it was tedious as hell. That annoyance kept me from experimenting in the past, but I just bit the bullet and went ahead in my current play.

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