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cant download long war


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I have played the vanilla game without any mods, now that i want to try some mods like Long war it wont allow me to download it. After directing it to were the file with the game is it says that an error occured while trying to read the source files and then says that the source file deosnt exist. If someone knows whats wrong please replie

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Then you are doing something wrong. I just successfully download the PC version as a test, so that file at least is available.


First of all, be sure you know which version of the vanilla game you are going to be playing: XCOM-EU, XCOM-EW, or XCOM2. This is the forum for XCOM EU & EW. You need the XCOM2 forum for help with it's version of LW.


Note that for Long War you have follow the directions carefully, especially about the path where the game is located. Please read the XCOM "Basic Guide to installing mods" article first, in particular the "Environment" section. ALL of that article is required to get LW to work correctly, along with the included documentation in the download.


1. Get the correct XCOM file from the Nexus download page.

2. You can only download the file manually (i.e with your web browser). That means you can't use a "mod manager" (such as NMM) to download it.

IF you use the green "Download Manually" button on the description page you will get the PC version, which may not get the version you want depending upon your system. I recommend you always use the "File" tab and review the various file options to select the specific version you want whenever downloading manually.

3. Upon downloading, the file will be placed wherever your browser puts downloads by default. You will have to navigate to that location and run the installer program.

4. When the installer for the EW version asks you where the "EW" folder is located, it wants to know the XCOM game folder (i.e. "C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown"). It knows and is looking under that folder for the "XEW" folder. Pointing it too "deep" (i.e. directly at the "XEW" folder) is the most common error reading the documentation when installing LW.

5. Only once you have LW working correctly should you attempt to install any other "LW compatible" mods. Other mods for the vanilla version of the game are NOT likely to work correctly with LW as it makes MAJOR changes to the vanilla game code.


If the above information is not sufficient then you need to describe EXACTLY what you are doing to download, step by step and tool by tool: to include which version of Windows and browser you are using.


Please realize that XCOM is one of the hardest games to play "modded", because it wasn't designed with that in mind. Everything in the "Basic Guide" article is necessary; the result of long hard learned lessons.



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