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Molior RS needs your help!


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Our team is currently looking to commission a programmer and a 3D artist. While we are also looking outside these forums, this is a great opportunity for fans of NwN2. Our website: http://www.moliorrs.com/ & Our YouTube channel

The main roles for the programmer are;

- Create and modify current scripts.

- Able to pin-point errors and fix them.

- Adaptive learning and thinking.

- Interested in working as a team.

- Good communication.

- Reliable and Trustworthy.

- Punctual.

Candidates must have experience with C, C++ & XML.

The main roles for the 3D artist are;

- Familiar and experienced with 3D modelling software (Maya/Blender).

- Knowledgeable of NwN2 models and file format.

- Keen eye for detail.

- Good communication.

- Reliable and Trustworthy.

- Punctual.

We are currently looking for both experienced and novice programmers & 3D artists, as long as you meet the requirements and role description.

For more information, or if you're interested in applying, please contact us below at;

[email protected] (link sends e-mail)


Skype: Elven.kin

or simply respond to this forum thread.

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