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Normandy SR-2 Skyranger Reskin


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There are a substantial number of Xcom/Mass Effect crossover mods. Voice packs and reskins aplenty. However, there are two things that bug me. Just two.


The first, and more minor of the two is the lack of a combat drone GREMLIN reskin, but that's minor and honestly doesn't bother me much at all. (Could even remove the Gremlin entirely and add an omni-tool animation, if anyone's capable of that. That'd be incredible.)


But the more pressing of these is the lack of a Skyranger Normandy SR-2 reskin.


I know Skyranger reskins are no easy task, hence why there are so few of them, but I think this would just about complete a complete set of replacements for Xcom 2.


The size difference could be a problem, but I don't think it would matter if it was downscaled a little.


I know someone did it with a Pelican for Halo, so it can surely be done with the SR-2.


If anyone actually decides to undertake this, on behalf of Cerberus I thank you. And let me buy you a beer on Illium some time.

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