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I've been waiting for the OpenMW project to get to a certain degree of stability, where at least some mods will work with it.


This time has come, and there are already OpenMW-only mods.


I'm pretty sure most of us have moved on to Skyrim, with good reason - but think about this: the sooner they finish what they're doing, the sooner there can be an OpenSR!


OpenMW is Morrowind - rebuilt to run natively in linux.


There are both pros and cons to it. Some scripts don't work as they used to, in mods - but there's no limit to how many mods you can use, and the game hasn't crashed-to-desktop on me yet! The scripting issues can be fixed, assuming there are coders interested in fixing them.


Like running Morrowind on linux through WINE, you will need to say goodbye to any and all mods that rely on third-party software.


If you want to know more, here is a link: http://openmw.org


Thank you for reading this.

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