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How add my art to Fallout 3?


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How can i add 2d images to Fallout 3, like posters, flags, pictures. For example, there is a mod in the hot files right now for Fallout 3, it has a Nazi flag, how can I add something like that to my mod. Do I use nifskope, something else? Please answer, it would be a big help, and would be greatly appreciated.
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use nifscope to create a static based on one of the existing posters and add your new texture, then place it in the world with GECK, or use Texture sets to add the new poster texture to an existing poster mesh in GECK and create a new entry then place it.
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Open the BSA archives with the Fallout Mod Manger

-Extract the texture you wish to redo

--Use Photoshop and an DDS Plugin to open and revise the texture.



Now you have two options.

- Redo the texture and overwrite the old one


- Save the texture under an other name and use it for new objects by making mods with the Construction Set GEEK

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