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Uploading a Dungeon Siege 2 map


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I have been trying to figure out if, and how I can upload a Dungeon Seige 2 map to the Nexus and I'm stymied.There are some DS mods on the Nexus.

I'm am new to forums, blogs, and uploading and could shure use some help, guidance and advice.

After years of work, the map should be ready in a couple months. I've been getting help from Siege The Day, a site dedicated to the Dungeon Siege games, but cannot upload there.[edit] (Yes I can upload there)

About the map; "Dawn of the Third Age" ..... Description = "Valdis, the Cinbri are gone,new villains emerge as the land reawakens.Level 50+". It picks up where Dungeon Siege and Broken World left off. 7zipped file size = 486 MB(+ a bit).

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A reply to this post, by Thandal, can be found in " This is the site feedback/questions section ", page 193.



Here's a link to the preview video (posted on the Nexus)


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