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Hello, I would like to kindly ask for assistance in fixing an issue with nexus mod manager. My windows 10 had an error and had to restart, it was dpc_watchdog_violation, it happens quite often but never really cause me trouble until now. Before my pc restarted i tried installing skyrim mod "safety load", after the restart, and right after i opened nexus, it gave me a notification saying how it failed to load the mod. Afterwards, i could continue with installation of any mods from nexus with the exception of "safety load". This bothers me so much, if anyone could come up with a fix i would be grateful (i would not be able to compensate the effort as i am not a man with resources, i am but a man expecting generosity from helping hands)


PS: i should inform in advance that the mod comprises of mainly readme and SKSE ini and dll plugins, i managed to manually install the plugins as the readme also gave a simple instruction to do so, yet i am still looking for a fix to the problem so to prepare for this in case it would happen in the near future. i am attaching an image to demonstrate my complications in the next post.


edit: i was not able to post the image, somehow the posting tool said i exceeded the allocated disk space, for that i apologize. i shall find a way to post the image soon.

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