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3ds Max 2015 Beginner's Question


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Hello, my name is Pheade.

I finally took the plunge into modding - well, I'm trying to. I just recently (read: two days ago) got 3ds Max 2015; I have already applied the correct .nif import/export plug-in. I've been following along with Nightasy's tutorials for customizing armor meshes because I want to start converting.

I've run into some problems almost immediately: first, there's no visible skeleton upon importing either the armor mesh I want to work with, or the body I want to convert it too. I suspect that this is leading to my second problem: following the tutorial, I've imported the armor _00.nif, deleted the original body, imported my _0 weight body, and upon exporting the two together, get an "Unknown Error" crash at roughly 25%.


I'm not certain where to ask, but this seems like it may be a good place to get a little help.


Thank you for your time,


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