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I have got a mod Lore Friendly Armor Pack from rahman530 and a would like re-texture a barbarian armor. When I modify color in dds file on shoulders screen(in normal version its draughter armor) and save it I have new color in a game its ok. But I have no bra here like in original mod version, there is a original armor of draughter with my re-textured part, especialy the shoulders cover. I wanna re-texture and bra was still here. If you know a solution please help. Thanks and if you don't understand me I can post a screens here. ;-)

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I do not understand what do you mean exactly with "bra" but i guess you didn't save it as DXT 5 DDS and so there is no alpha map. Use Photoshop DDS plugin and try it by saving the texture as DXT 5, that should fit.


By the way i for myself have a problem with the invisible parts of texutres at the moment.

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Once a "NiMaterialAlphaProperty" is attached to the mesh, you gotta keep an eye on the alpha channel of the diffusemap (the "standard" texture file). In areas where the alpha channel is black the mesh will go invisible. Make sure your texture has an alpha channel (like Moveing said, best save it as DXT5 with interpolated alpha) and that it's plain white where it should be visible!
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