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Can I use editable poly?


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I'm a totally noob with 3d models, really noob.


So, i'm looking tutorials to make my own magician staff from vanilla staffs.


Videos shows how to edit polys, not meshes. Reading on internet, i saw that the only different between poly and meshes are the customisation. Polys are much more editables than meshes.


Then, can i just click on my mesh staff and transform "editable mesh" in to "editable poly". Are there conflict problems?



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I had no problem using both and exporting them as such as well. It is just a way of editing the mesh, nothing more.
I am not sure how it works with mesh smooth enabled though. You just might want to make sure that is not used. (But I doubt anyone would use it for a game model)

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editable mesh is pretty much a triangulated surface - and game engines handle them easier particular older engines)

As soon as you export your mesh or editable poly it will be converted into a triangulated mesh (nif format)

So it does not really matter which format you choose to work with, but as you noticed the editable poly has way more tools and options available to work on it.

Inside Max you can change between them any time forth and back - the only thing is that if you convert a mesh into poly you will notice that all quad surfaces are triangulated - you can use the quadrify all tool to reverse that but might need some manual cleaning as some edges might be shifted not according to the object shape.




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