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Mod Spotlight: Frosty Tool Suite


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In response to post #52409523. #56604381 is also a reply to the same post.

shadowhawk27 wrote: About Bloody time!!! With this Device we can finally have the ability to mod the headmorphs for Dragon Age: Inquisition so we can give immersion, lore, and realism that it requires since Bioware did a piss poor job with the NPC and not just doing Cullen, Leliana, Josephine or any of the followers. So goodbye Ugly NPC's faces cause you will be needing a makeover when i'm through with you.
TheGynophobe wrote: i have never seen such ugly, beyond disgusting NPCs as in that game

*Points at Elder Scrolls: Oblivion*
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Are certain models blocked from being exported such as battlefield or is that coming in a update, I was messing around with it on battlefield 4 and I was only able to export certain buildings, vehicles and only 3 animals the rest have to be exported as .bin files, but I have no idea how to open those bin files. Edited by kirloper
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