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No Visible Rain - Climates of Tamriel with Project ENB


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I have recently installed Project ENB and CoT-Audio-Weather-Lighting. I had the 2k HD pack by Nebula and the Skyrim unofficial patch as well. My only issue is, sometimes I can hear thunder and what sounds like rain or heavy wind, but no matter what I can't actually see any rain. It's starting to make me a little worried that something is wrong with my game. I loaded the enbseries.ini file and changed rain to disabled but that just made my game crash i turned it back on and went outside and there still wasn't any visible rain.. I also loaded loot and made sure it was accepting my load order (all of my CoT .esp's are at the top of my .esp's in my load order) I did everything correctly in the ENB's installation process (even copying the data from the data folder to my skyrim) and I can't find this issue anywhere online (at least not with the Enb that's supposed to run with CoT) I'm just very curious as to what's going on. It's not necessarily gamebreaking, but I'm someone who likes my immersion, and it's a little odd to hear thunder and rain sounds but not see anything happening. If you need any further info as to my load order or anything just ask, although I don't think I have anything that would interfere with it.

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