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Request for a RNG-removal mod


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I would like to explore the possibility of making a drastic change to XCOM play. I don't even know if it's possible, but here's what I'm thinking (and no, it's not 'gimme 100% chance to hit because pew pew').

I'd like to see XCOM as a pure strategy game instead of an RNG dependant strategy game. It's frustrating beyond belief when I'm doing everything right - full cover, flashbangs and suppression, no one's flanked, Aid protocol, overwatch - and the Flashbanged, suppressed advent officer scores a 2% chance to hit and 6% chance to crit, insta-gibbing my aoe-suppression, freeing up all kinds of mayhem. I want a game that punishes mistakes but rewards good play, consistently. Here's what I'm thinking:

65% chance to hit (cth) is the rookie baseline average, so let's start there.

Under this mod, anything 65 to 100 is a guaranteed hit. 45 to 64 is a graze shot, 0 to 44 is a guaranteed miss.

Weapons have a range of damage, so 65 to 80 cth does minimum damage, 81 to 90 average damage, 91 and up max damage.

If there's a way to essentially override the chance to hit effect and use this rubric, I'd love to see what that looks/feels like as a playthrough. Crits can remain random unless the modder has a way around that. This is just an idea.

Any interest?

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