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Cannot select polys on the side of the model I'm facing


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The title is pretty self-explanatory. When I try to select polygons on one side of my head model, it doesn't select them. Instead, it selects polys on the opposite side of the mesh. So If I click and drag to select the polys that make up the forehead, it selects the polys on the back of the head instead. Keep in mind that I have "Ignore Backfacing" turned on. Before this, it was selecting polys on both sides of the model. Turning on Ignore Backfacing fixed that, but now it's not selecting the right polys. If someone can help me figure out how to fix this, I'd appreciate it.


Also, second question, how do I edit one side of a mesh and have that edit be applied to the other side? I know there's a symmetry modifier, but I can't seem to get it to work(and my model turns dark when I apply it.). I've noticed in all the videos I've watched that none of the modelers ever used that modifier. They were just able to edit the mesh and have that edit be made to the opposite side without turning anything on. At least, that I could see. If there's a key to toggle it that would explain a lot.


EDIT: It just occurred to me, but in the event that this might help, there was something else strange that happened. I tried to use the "Push" modifier to move the polygon shell I had made(before scrapping it.) away from the head ever so slightly, but instead of pushing, it shrunk, twisted, and then got bigger. As if it were working in reverse among other things. And I know I was doing it right because I had a video playing that showed how to use it. He increased the numbers and the mesh was slowly pushed away from the head. I did the same thing, only it didn't get pushed, and it did what I mentioned before.

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I know this is a really late reply, but it sounds like your normals were flipped the wrong way. If it's all the polys, you can select all of them and click on "flip" or "flip normals" to make the "outside" of the polys properly face outward.

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