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I need help with Legendary Modification 2LM in combination with Custom Combat Armor and Better Locational Damage.


When i build a combat armor on the 2LM workbench, the Combat Armor has no color options from Custom Combat Armor, like when i find him or build him on the normal armorsmith workbench.

I couldn't find a fix for that on google. I sorted CCA esp after the Armorsmith Workbench esp and the LegendaryModifications.esp + LegendaryModifications2LM.esp befor Armorsmith.


I tried sorting CCA befor LegendaryModifications, but i get a loop error because of Armorsmith and i guess, it wouldn't help either.



Second problem is:


I think Better Locational Damage alters the overall damage from all weapons, beneath all other game changings.
The thing is again with Legendary Modifications 2LM, when i build a weapon on this workbench, it has the standard Vanilla weapon damage, how could i fix it? Or would it need a compatibility patch?
I sorted Better Locational Damage after LegendaryModification+2LM esp, did not help.


here my mod sorting list if it maybe can help in any way:

*Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
*Worsin's Garage.esm
*Scrapper Corpse Highlighting.esp
*Scrapper Corpse Highlighting DLC Patch.esp
*LegendaryModification - DLC Far Harbor.esp
*LegendaryModification - DLC Far Harbor (2LM).esp
*Armorsmith Extended.esp
*AE Animated Jetpacks.esp
*Armorsmith All DLCs Patch.esp
*Automatron Helmets Fix.esp
*Enhanced Flickering Firelight.esp
*Crafting Workbench.esp
*Better Locational Damage.esp
*Diamond City Enhanced.esp
*BLD - Leveled Lists.esp
*Better High Tech Lights.esp
*chem redux.esp
*Companion Infinite Ammo.esp
*Craftable Armor Size - Fix Material Requirements.esp
*Craftable Armor Size.esp
*Crafting Workbenches - Ammo.esp
*Crafting Workbenches - Ammo Special.esp
*Crafting Workbenches - Automatron DLC.esp
*Crafting Workbenches - Faction and Quest Requirements.esp
*Crafting Workbenches - Junk Items.esp
*Crafting Workbenches - Power Armor.esp
*Crafting Workbenches - Pre War and Manufactured.esp
*CMPA 300.esp
*dD-Enhanced Blood.esp
*Faster Terminal Displays (20x).esp
*CBBE Furry Undergarments Fix.esp
*WIPAG - Model-X.esp
*Homemaker - Greenhouse and Bunker Disabler.esp
*Homemaker - Streetlights Use Passive Power.esp
*Jetpacks FAO.esp
*Ballistic Marine Wetsuit v1.2.1.esp
*Move (Get Out the Way).esp
*move that workbench!.esp
*Passive Camera Shake - Reduced.esp
*Perk Magazine Material Fix.esp
*Quieter Settlements - Vanilla.esp
*Quieter Settlements - Wasteland Workshop.esp
*Quieter Settlements - Contraptions.esp
*Radiant Clouds and Fogs.esp
*dD-Realistic Ragdoll Force.esp
*dD-Reduced Explosion Force.esp
*See You Sleep CW editon - Beta.esp
*Swinging Meat Bags.esp
*WOTC - Experimental Fixes.esp
*Face Ripper Presets.esp
*WIPAG - Paint Garage - Style 1 (Easy).esp
*WIPAG - Paint Garage - Style 2 (Easy).esp
*WIPAG - Paint Garage - Style 3 (Easy).esp
*WIPAG - Paint Garage - Style 4 (Easy).esp
*WIPAG - Paint Garage - Style 5 (Easy).esp
*WIPAG - Paint Garage - Style 6 (Easy).esp
*Vivid Fallout - All in One - 2k.esp
*Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp
*Give Me That Bottle.esp
*Better Locational Damage LD.esp
*Live Dismemberment - Regular.esp
*Better Locational Damage - Ghoul Edition.esp
*Better Locational Damage - DLC_Automatron.esp
*Better Perks.esp
*Better Locational Damage - DLC_WWorkshop.esp
*Better Locational Damage - DLC_Far_Harbor.esp
*Better Cooking.esp
*Better Locational Damage - DLC_Nuka_World.esp
*Depth of Field Removal.esp
*Friffy_Holstered Weapons.esp
*Gatling Laser Overhaul.esp
*Weapons of Fate.esp
*3dscopes-AddToSpawnList - CWMR Compatible.esp
*Salvaged Assaultron Head.esp
*Raider Overhaul - AE Patch-Restored Content-VIS.esp
*BURN baby, BURN!.esp
*Raider Overhaul - AE Patch-Restored Content.esp
*WIPAG - Materials Overhaul.esp
*WIPAG - Mod Overhaul.esp
*Raider Overhaul - AE Patch.esp
*WIPAG - ArmorKeywords Compatibility Patch.esp
*Better Power Armor - Extended.esp
*Better Power Armor - BLD - Patch.esp
*More Where That Came From Diamond City.esp
*More Where That Came From - Classic.esp
*ValdacilsItemSorting - Super Mutant Redux.esp
*ValdacilsItemSorting - Raider Overhaul TAGS - AE.esp
*Better Locational Damage_ Raider Overhaul_Valdacil_Patch.esp
*Better Chems - Valdacils Item Sorting.esp
*Better Locational Damage - Valdacil's Item Sorting - Patch.esp

Thanks for help in advance :smile:

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