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immersive armor accessories overhaul (3d modeling required)


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A accessory overhaul to customize armor and bring immersion to customizing.

3D models and ideas are of course up to the creator.



(Dream Burrows Regal Huntsman armor)



customization accessories : Capes, pauldrons, belts, colors, arm blades, pouches, hoods.





customization accessories: Just Pauldrons.





customization accesories : Straps, Body belts, vial holders (potions) , bags, satchels.


(Campfire : Complete camping)




customization accessories: backpacks with attachable necklaces.





(Basic idea of mod)

adding accessories that are not just necklaces or rings.


But to style the player and immerse them with customization and item distribute to the world.


Such a list as:



*potion holders

*chains for armor (legs,waist,pocket,shoulder,feet,etc.)


*straps to wrap (arms,waist,torso, legs,etc)

*socket molds , (to weapons,armor and accessories, to equip jewels to pieces visually)

*attachables to accessories , via (necklace to ring, backpack to necklace, chain to ring, jewels to pauldrons, belt attached accessories, jewels to earrings,etc)

*studs, spikes, orbs of metal to gear (positioning must be compatible to creators decision for armors,gloves,weapons,etc.


*ammo straps

*soul gem based accessories / attachments

*pens and books based accessories

*scroll based accessories

*Lanterns and other light based accessories/attachments

*keys based to accessories via: (house keys, chest keys, locks, etc.)

*food based accessories (backpacks stuffed with fruits , and bags.)

*collars,chokers, bracelets , bracers via: (Arms,legs,neck,ankles) -furs, metals , skins, leather

*jackets and vests over wear

*bandages via (arms,torso,face, legs, feet.)

*Medicinal / alchemy accessories


This is just a basic idea concept. But hope this sparks an idea. God bless






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