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armor editing, transparency is killing me


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Ok so I have this issue that is driving me insane, I am trying to edit a piece of armor in CS6. I want to cut out parts to allow skin to be seen, I have looked and can not seem to find my answer maybe Im not searching right iI dont know.


What I have done is takin the blah.dds cut out parts then applied layer mask from transparency, then blacked out the areas on blah_n.dds and on blah_m.dds and in game the parts are either white, black or mirrored (which looks cool but not what Im after). I have tried many different ways with the Alpha channels but I must be missing something. I have read that one should edit the armor mesh in nifscope adding a NiAlphaProperty and which I have but still no go.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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When you add the NiAlphaProperty you have to have the part selected then right click on it to add the alpha. Otherwise you need to link the property to the part in the BSkinDismember thing.

thanx, i did finally figure it out. but it was the bodyslide .xml files that were kicking my butt, they kept reverting the armor back so i was trying to figure out how to deal with that then realized to save from nifscope the nif files to shapedata. it was a long many trial and error deal for me but i finally got it and the armor looks really cool :)

now just trying to figure out how to make esp file

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