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Crashing whenever going near NorthWatch keep


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Hello, I am trying to do the dawngaurd quest and I'm at the point when I need to bring Serena to Castle Volkihar, to get to the boat to get to castle Volkihar I have to go by Northwatch Keep, and for an unknown reason whenever I'm near there, I instantly CTD.


What I've done to try to find the issue:

I've verified the integrity of the game files

I've cleaned up the dirty edits with SSEEdit

I've sorted my load order with Loot

I made a new save to make sure my current save wasn't broken


I've run out of ideas of what to do and I've searched on the internet and found no useful post, so I decided to put up my question on the forums.


Useful information:

I'm am running Skyrim SE with the current version of SKSE 64

My load order is here https://gist.github.com/Cryptic1031/08ef484977f1545ecb13264449de160c


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Hi there,

I have the same problem, and disableing SMIM didn't help :-( . I nailed it down a bit, seams to be a landscape problem just sout-east-south of north watch keep on the mountain slope. I can move arround it as long as I don't look at it. so walk backward and sideways to avoid it.

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