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Opening Problem with the Ballista Aiming

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I just downloaded Witcher 2 after playing Witcher 3 for a few months. The game is trapped when I start the ballista quest at the very beginning of the game. This is the one I have to climb down the upper wall passage to the ballista in the castle courtyard to blow down the wooden gate covered by the archers on the upper rampart. I kill the guarding soldiers and knights and when I go to cock the ballista, the yellow stripe dwindles down to the left and disappears instead of filling up to the right. I crank the ballista, but when the rope cable gets behind the bolt, Geralt trips the release without the hammer and without aiming. He does this every time. I restarted the game, but this trap continues. Each time Geralt shoots without aiming I get a fresh number of soldiers to kill. Yesterday I killed over fifty of them before I went to YouTube and saw how its supposed to be done. Standing behind the aiming crank does nothing, all it says is to push the left mouse button to crank the damn thing. Any ideas patches, etcetera? Witcher games in general are very buggy. I thought Fallout 3 was bad, but modders fixed all the problems Bethesda didn't do. I guess RedProjekt is another company that doesn't debug enough before the game release. I hope someone might have a fix for this error. This is the Steam version by the way, but I've been playing it offline to see if that helped. So far it hasn't.


I tried one fix and that was to right click on the game in the Steam list and clicked on properties. The third function listed at the top has a sub function to validate the game files. I have run it twice and it says all game files are present with no problems. I am also using Windows 8.1. Windows has been progressively getting crappier and I can't rule out this version as the cause. At least its not Windows 10.

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Ummm, I thought there was an issue here as well, but only had to kill about a dozen soldiers until I realized you have to absolutely mash the mouse button asked for, and the bar fills to the right --mash mash mash is what they want you to do.


As long as there aren't too many challenges like this, so far looks and plays like a fine game, tho I have it modded. Check out this link tp STEP modding guide: http://wiki.step-project.com/User:SynthetikHD/TheWitcher2


If interested then make sure you read all the forum posts, read all the readme's from the mods, comments in the mod's thread, etc. because links break, new mods may be better and old mods cause conflicts. You have to scramble around a bit to get it working but the results are worth it.

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This is a bug. It is has nothing to do with the mouse. I have a new SteelSeries Rival 600 mouse and I'm stuck at the aiming.


This has happened to enough people to be classed as a game ending bug.


The only thing I can think of is a mod stalls the game so that it hinders the clicking. But the OP did a clean install.


What annoys me is there is a quest which requires us to mash a mouse and get RSI. If I wanted to play Hungry Hippo, I'd buy Hungry Hippo.

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I also had a problem with this. Changed my mouse to one that had faster response. Got the aim bar filled easily but it still wouldn't allow me to fire the damn thing. Stood waiting for defenders to spawn, again, and again and again.. Wash rinse and repeat. At least a dozen times before actually getting to fire the bloomin thing.


So ye I would say it is a bug in the game too.


The whole 'Epilogue' thing is just plain STOOPID. Would have been much better as a series of flash back cut scenes.

After all Geralt was just recapping why he ended up in the cell.

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