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Extended time limit for radiant quests


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Hello nice people.


Well, i started playing again FO4 on a new rig with ~240 mods and the game is ruining my completionist/explorer playstyle again with this mess of never ending quests. Without going in too much details, the internet is full of it, this design is terrible for a lot of players.


Some attempts have been made to adress this problem as we've seen on Nexus, yet all these mods seem not to work as intended. So i figured that maybe there is a simpler solution for our headache, to simply edit and extend the time limit before quests fail from 2-3 days as it is in vanilla to 1000 or so. This way, npcs still gives quests, player can complete them when appropiate, quests remain in pip boy and don't fail.


Also, in my non modder experience i believe this would not be too complicated to mod.

Awaiting your oppinions. Thanks.

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