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Hello world !

I want ask you for help.

I think this topic will help many people with same problem as me. I have problem with mod "Skyrim Knights". I think many of you know this problem but I have issues with this mod. I am using Skyrim Specal Edition, but this mod what I think is made for Skyrim Legendary Edition or just normal Skyrim.


A fan of this mod wrote some of people who ask for help this:

"If you search for BSA Extractor and SSE NIF Optimizer you can Extract the files from .BSA to loose files, then you can run SSE NIF Optimizer to convert this to SSE with no problems. Using it in my SSE game as we speak!"


I really don´t know what he meant. Can you please write here how can i convert this Folder or just some instruction how to do it.

What kind of program I have to use it and other things. :mellow:


Thank you a lot for your time guys !


With best regards Lubomír Šimšalek


Preview of Mod.



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"If you search for BSA Extractor" - Do this, download it.

"and SSE NIF Optimizer" - And this too.


So you have both of those now. Run BSA Extractor, open the .BSA included in your mod, you want to extract .nif type files, or if in doubt "extract all". You'll be able to see the folder structure and where things are going. If in doubt, extract it someplace outside your game install and you can move things there when you're all done with them.

What this is doing is unpacking the contents so they're a bunch of regular files, loose files. BSA is like a zip file or other archive format. What you are doing is extracting its contents into the game directory as loose files. When the game discovers loose files in its directories (all the stuff in your /data/meshes, /data/textures and other directories like that) it will load them in preference to archived BSA contents, this is how most mods work.


So you have all the stuff unpacked, now you want to run your NIF Optimizer on the .nif files (these are the models) that you just extracted, so that they will play nice with Special Edition. Run Optimizer, point it at the directory containing your stuff, press Optimize.


I don't SSE specifically, but it should be pretty simple, and only take you a couple minutes. Back stuff up. No, really. Back stuff up.

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