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BioWare Continuity Network & ME2 BSN Projects

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Last December, the old BSN site and all associated projects were taken down by BioWare/EA. Therefore, we want to again spread word about the fan-created, BioWare Continuity Network (BCN) and the Project Inventory (BSNPI).

The BSNPI is a searchable spreadsheet hosted on Google Sheets that itemizes all valid projects previously found on BSN. Basically, it tells you what was there, who made it, and where -- if anywhere -- it can still be downloaded. Please note that it does not contain the mods, themselves. We are not distributing people's stuff, though BCN has uploaded a handful of mods to Nexus that either were modders' resources, had open permissions, or that the author asked us to upload on their behalf.

For more information:

BCN Website
BCN Main Nexus Thread
BSNPI on Google


@moderators -- These "breadcrumb" informational posts have been approved by SirSalami, who will be stickying them when time permits. Feel free to check with him, but please don't delete these threads/ban this account for cross-posting. Thanks!

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