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Explore/Roaming Music Looping


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I've recently been noticing that the same three or four songs have been playing on a loop, and have figured out that they are the songs that play during exploring, and possibly ones that play when you are in a town. Furthermore, it truly is only the same three or four songs, and I know that there are more explore songs than that. I'd like to say that they are the daytime explore songs, but it's hard for me to tell because they all sound the same at this point. Another thing worth noting is that two songs will overlap each other while a save is loading--one being whatever broken explore song, and the other being the correct song for the location (ie: tavern)--and then when the game loads, the broken explore song is the one that continues playing and the correct song stops. Lastly, combat music still functions the way it should.


I know there are console commands that should fix this. For reference, this is what I tried doing as this is the same problem I am having, but when I typed "help music" ('help mus' did not give me anything related to music...something about mushroom soup?) I was not given any of the file names to the songs, only vague instructions about how to use removemusic/addmusic.


My game is also heavily modded, and I do have mods that change music, but they are disabled currently because they have stopped working as well, but that is not my greatest concern. Though if it is useful to know, they are Celtic Music in Skyrim & Fantasy Soundtrack Project (though both were never enabled at the same time--the latter was used to try to replace Celtic Music). If I had to guess, this issue is probably related to my mods, as Celtic Music worked perfectly for awhile, and then suddently stopped working, but that was quite awhile ago. I'm assuming the problems with the vanilla music also began there.


My knowledge of computers is rudimentary at best so I have not touched Creation Kit/SSEEdit/.ini files, but if I was given detailed instruction, I could probably work it out. I know this isn't the worst problem in the world to have, as everything else in my game works pretty well or is easily fixed, but I really love the immersion the music provides, so I would like to fix it if I can. Forgive me if I'm missing something obvious, but this is my first foray into gaming/modding.

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