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Mod Idea/Request: Reopen The Pitt Arena


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Fallout 3 is seriously lacking in terms of Gladiator/Arena mods. And this is surprising especially because *we already have everything needed right there for us*.

We've got the venue. We've got the dialogue for the announcer. We've got the sound effects of the cheering crowds.

I'm not a modder, and I realize that every mod, no matter how small, is a lot of work. But I imagine this mod can't be extremely hard to make, given that the game already gives you most of the work anyway...? I'm most likely wrong and ignorant though.

Anyway, it's fairly lore-friendly in the first place:

If you supported Ashur, then the slaves are still slaves, so it makes sense the arena would still be on-going. If you supported Werner, the slaves are free, but they've lived their entire lives with the Pitt as a source of entertainment and are also still dirt poor. They aren't slaves anymore, but they also don't have anything of value - you can argue they'd continue it, either to continue entertainment or as a source of caps.

My proposal is a mod that allows you to:

* Reopen the Pitt Arena after the quest Free Labor (final quest of the Pitt).

* You are still able to organize fights with Faydra (using existing dialogue) replenish health before and after battle, bring whatever you want into the Arena, you cannot exit the battlefield once you begin, you can loot your opponent after killing them.

* Enemies, however, will scale to your level so it isn't too boring for high level characters. Maybe throw in Trogs every now and then too.

* After each fight, you receive a certain amount of Caps and misc items as a reward for surviving.

And that's it - an alternative source of Caps for a brutal Gladiator character.

OPTIONALLY (this will be more work to do):

* Create a rank system in the Pitt. Enter the Pitt as a Pit Dog (or something similar, like in Oblivion) and rise up to the next rank after you meet the requirements.

* Increased rank = increased Caps and misc items reward.

* Maybe something like 10 matches won = a rise in rank? Or defeat a Boss level? Both (after 10 matches, you unlock a boss level)?

Anyway, I'm just throwin this out there for kicks. It really would be cool for a mod like this to be created

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