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How to SetMaxHenchmen?


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Hello, I am currently working on a new module called 'Shadows of Vaalundroth'. It's about a massive city ruled by vampiric drow sorcerers involved in using Dragon Blood Magic to fuel their formiddable powers and unleash darkness over the region. That's the basic idea. At least thats as far as my imagination has gotten in supplying the plot. Everything is going great so far, however, I need to figure out how to have more than 1 Henchman at a time. I've tried many things already but nothing seems to work. I've tried changing the OnModuleLoad script like they say to do, as well as changing the x0_i0_henchmen script on line 481. Nothing works at all. Can somebody help me please? What are the scripts I need to set my max henchman limit to 5?

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