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Spiritual Successor - Custom JSON Editor for Deadfire Released!

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I'm glad to announce that my very own, and very available to everyone, modding tool for Deadfire is now released here: http://spiritualsuccessor.net

I'm quoting the short description I wrote from my development blog/patreon page:

Spiritual Successor opens up the path to easy and error-free modding:

  • Tailored to the data: It's a JSON editor that is custom-designed for Deadfire's JSON files' structure.
  • Automatic Fetching of Referenced Objects: You jump from one object to another that's referenced by it with the click of a button instead of having to search and switch between numerous files.
  • Input validation: You edit a web form, not a raw text file. This allows for input in the fields to be checked for validity before it can be exported, making sure your mod won't crash the game due to some typo you may have made.
  • Preserves the original files: You never have to manually open or edit the vanilla files. Anything you export from the editor as your mod is a copy of the original object.
  • Rapid searching: If you are looking for a creature or an item by name, it's a lot easier to search through the editor than through the opened raw JSON file.

A big number of other advanced features, currently only in the "It would be cool if you could..." stage.
In summary, Spiritual Successor makes modding easier, less time-consuming, less-error prone, and thus possible, for people who want to make some changes fast and test them, as well as for people who have planned a big overhaul mod, but the huge number of operations needed in order to add a single new ability to a character are too time-consuming when added up.



For news and updates on development, and how-to guides on modding with it, watch Spiritual Successor's twitter account as well as the development blog.

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